■ Full 27″ pallet spread allows you to spread pallets against
the outer trailer walls without excessive carriage widths. With the 72″ unit, two 32″ pallets may be spread to the outer walls of a 102″ trailer.
■ Excellent driver visibility is achieved by design of the false carriage, sideshifters and backrests. This design gives drivers the best possible visibility over and through the structure.
■ Mounts on standard 36″ truck carriage without welding or modifications. This feature saves the added costs of purchasing and servicing extended width truck carriages.
■ Heavy-duty load backrests are engineered for typical doublewide industrial applications with demanding durability requirements. The vertical bar, double plate design provides both strength and visibility.

Excessive clamp force caused by too much hydraulic pressure is one of the most common causes of damage to paper rolls. Mechanical 3-position relief valves are under-utilized or primarily left on the high setting. HFC (Hydraulic Force Control) solves these issues by automatically adjusting clamp force. HFC is a hydraulically controlled automatic clamp force system that changes the clamp force proportional to the load weight. It works by continually sensing the hydraulic pressure necessary to lift the load and adjusts clamping pressure as the weight of the load increases or decreases. The system operates without any special actions on the part of the driver.

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